Google Analytics Shortcuts for Optimising Cross Device Experiences

The Skiff March 30, 2017 -

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Craig Sullivan

We live in a cross device world, where people are using multiple windows onto your product.  How can you optimise your experience, if you don’t accurately know what ‘stuff’ people are using?  What if one key mobile experience on your site was broken?  How much would it cost you not to know this?

Craig explains in this talk, what data you can use from Google Analytics – and how to mine GA for insights and higher conversion rates.  With downloadable templates, device models and diagrams – you will have everything you need to segment customer flows – for the valuable groups of mobile, tablet and desktop devices and browsers in your product.

Armed with this information – you can then identify outliers, poor performers and reference standards – so that you can prioritise and fix costly device issues. Craig will also explain an approach called ‘Grid Optimisation’ which uses data cubes and dimensions to automate this process.  With a complete ‘how to’ document, example results from projects and downloadable Google Analytics templates, you’ll have everything you need to identify easy wins in key device experiences, that are leaking large amounts of revenue or causing friction.